Ask Dave and Aradia

As you could probably figure out by the complete lack of activity, this askblog is going to be inactive for an indefinite period of time. Pun not intended.

I just ran out of steam with this project, as I am wont to do, and my interests have shifted away from Homestuck, so maintaining this blog has become more of a chore than anything. I apologize to those who were looking forward to having their questions answered.

I’m closing the askbox and moving ownership of this sideblog to another main blog to free up some space.

Bye for now!


well then

well then

ooc; Attention!

Before sending questions, please make sure to read the FAQ first. If a question has already been answered, I won’t answer it again. If a question seems too Dave-centric or Aradia-centric without at all involving the other character, you’d be better off going to a Dave or Aradia askblog instead of a Dave/Aradia askblog.

The blog barely has 14 pages so it shouldn’t take very long to go back and check for what questions have already been asked and answered. Thanks.